We run an ultra low latency geo-distributed data mesh so you don’t have to

Ultra low latency geo-distributed database hosting

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Install with Homebrew
brew install electricdb/tap/electric-cli
Create a database
electric db create --cloud gcp
Replicate globally
electric db replicate --regions all

Put your data close to your users

With a geo-replicated database, you can deploy app servers and functions close to your users for blazing fast response times that aren't bloated by network latency.

With a managed low latency database

ElectricDB makes it super simple to setup, use and operate a geo-replicated database mesh that puts your data right next to your users.

Simple to setup

ElectricDB is a turnkey managed service. You can be up and running in less than five minutes with a fully operational geo-distributed database.

Postgres compatible

ElectricDB is PostgreSQL wire and feature compatible. Use all your standard Postgres tools and client libraries to work with your database.

Ultra-low latency

ElectricDB automatically geo-replicates data and routes requests to the nearest server for minimum latency and blazing fast response times.

Smart partitioning

Control geo-replication with smart, row-level data partitioning to co-locate your customers' data for performance and compliance.

Peace of mind

Your data is always encrypted at rest and in transit, replicated across at least three data centers and looked after by dedicated experts.

Low cost, simple pricing

Plans start from $9 per month. One week free trial (credit card required) [1].
Setup in five minutes. Cancel any time.


$9 / month

$99 / year

12GB geo-replicated SSD storage

Shared vCPU and RAM resources

Fair use egress


$200 / month

$2200 / year

512GB geo-replicated SSD storage

2 vCPU and 4GB RAM dedicated [2]

Fair use egress

[1] One week free trial limited to the Starter plan.

[2] Dedicated resource, dynamically provisioned and distributed across the cluster.