Low cost, simple pricing

Plans start from $9 per month. One week free trial (credit card required) [1].
Setup in five minutes. Cancel any time.


$9 / month

$99 / year

12GB geo-replicated SSD storage

Shared vCPU and RAM resources

Fair use egress


$200 / month

$2200 / year

512GB geo-replicated SSD storage

2 vCPU and 4GB RAM dedicated [2]

Fair use egress


$800 / month

$8800 / year

2TB geo-replicated SSD storage

8 vCPU and 16GB RAM dedicated [2]

Fair use egress


$1600 / month

$17600 / year

4TB geo-replicated SSD storage

16 vCPU and 32GB RAM dedicated [2]

Fair use egress


POA Bespoke

POA Bespoke pricing

Shared or dedicated geo-cluster

Tailored compute, storage and egress

Contact us for pricing

[1] One week free trial limited to the Starter plan.

[2] Dedicated resource, dynamically provisioned and distributed across the cluster.